There was a time when you could admire someone — an actor, musician, inventor, writer or any other celebrity — simply for their work. You could listen to a song and never know if the people performing it beat their wives or seduced underage groupies. You could watch a movie and be blissfully unaware that the leading actors were raging racists. A celebrity’s private life was truly private.

Many film studios orchestrated “private lives” to present to the press while going to great lengths to hide a celebrity’s true private life. Some went as far as to send actresses off…

One of the hallmarks of a serial killer is the collection of trophies. These can be anything that belongs to the victim or reminds the killer of the crime. The Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo, took cufflinks and jewellery from his victims; Dennis “B.T.K.” Rader kept items he stole from victims, along with notes detailing the crime squirreled away in locations he called ‘hidey holes’.

Quite often a killer’s trophy collection winds up becoming evidence during trial. When viewed during an investigation or as evidence in a trial, these items evoke plenty of emotion. Each one provides a small glimpse…

Killers often keep their hunting ground small and local. These three killers took it one step further by hunting at home.

When people become parents it’s (usually) a time of joy. Families welcome in their newest addition with plenty of parties, get-togethers and other celebrations. Family moments and milestones are documented with photos, recorded and preserved in scrapbooks and photo albums.

While most families see children as a way for their family line to continue, some kids have a very different idea. In cases where children kill their parents, people often assume the murder was triggered by long term abuse…

This is the fifteenth installment of the Death Blog series.

Janine Howards
38, Friday, 7:45am, Gunshot Wound

“No, no, no, please no.”

For the millionth time, I wished my emotions had died when the rest of me did.

Jeanine Howards was grabbing my coat, crying and snotting all over my shirt. I was going to have to change once I was done.

“Please don’t do this,” Janine launched another snot rocket onto my shirt.

I grabbed her by the shoulders and lugged her up. “Listen,” I spoke slowly and clearly, as I tried to keep the irritation out of my…

QAnon may seem like a 21st Century problem, but it’s just an updated version of an 800-year-old rumor.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Over the past few years, the rise of QAnon has taken center stage in American pop culture and politics.

QAnon beliefs and theories were laughed at and dismissed at first. The premise is outlandish and the accusations are bizarre. But concern about the group is increasing, and for good reason.

While the stories and theories fueling the QAnon movement sound like something out of the tabloids, those who believe in it do so with a willingness to do just about anything for…

This is the fourteenth installment of the Death Blog series.

David McHutchens (aka Damien the Undead)
6:27am, Wednesday, Suicide

Ah, the Goths.

You’d think these people would be easy to pick up. After all, they spend every spare moment obsessing about death. They actually try to make their skin look as pale and deathly as possible. But I’m here to tell ya, these fuckers put up the biggest fight sometimes.

Not all of them mind you … I’ve culled quite a few Goths who’ve been as normal as the next freak. Of course, these are people who aren’t what you…

This is the (lucky?) thirteenth installment of The Death Blog

Paul found out.

He was waiting for me when I got home that night.

As soon as I unlocked my door I saw him standing in my living room.

“Fuck,” I rolled my eyes and slumped against the door and I closed it.

Paul raised his eyebrows, “And a cheery hello to you too, Emily.” He waved a drink at me. Fucker helped himself to my Pepsi. Probably had my rum in the glass as well.

I closed my eyes and walked past him into the kitchen. …

This is the twelfth installment of the Death Blog series.

Brian Petrowski
Saturday, 11:25pm, Auto-erotic asphyxiation.

When I saw Brian on my board I was sure Paul was giving me shit assignments again. But, as I scanned the rest of my culls I knew it was just par for the course.

Still, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Would there be a mess? Was I going to witness the big bang before the big boom?

I got to Brian’s apartment around 11:15 and killed some time in his living room, watching the fish in his aquarium as I listened to…

This is the eleventh installment of the Death Blog series.

Carter Farris
Wednesday 7:12 AM, Broken Neck (Car Accident)

I don’t like working morning rush hour. Never have. People are on edge. No, they’re worse than On Edge. they’re fucking testy. They’re itching for a fight. You’d think people on their way back from work would be angry about getting culled, but it’s actually the people on their way TO work who are the worst.

It’s weird.

But whatever. After the scene yesterday, I was ready to just get my head back into work. …

This is the tenth installment of the Death Blog series.

“Why the fuck would you not lift his phone? Who steals a wallet?” Rosalie shook her head as we flipped through the contents of his wallet. “Seriously, you’re dead, not stupid.”

I rolled my eyes and took a deep breath. I knew she was trying to help. “Sorry my pickpocket skills aren’t as polished as yours.”

Rosalie arched an eyebrow but didn’t argue. “True, true. I guess it’s sort of impressive a white bread like you could even get this,” she smiled.

We found his license and headed over to…

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